The Glenvista and Johannesburg South Residents Association (NPC) (“GANSRA”) is a legal non-profit body of members who collectively seek to enhance the safety and well-being of the community through their involvement and contributions to the association for the areas of Glenvista and Johannesburg South.

Our Constituted objectives are:

  • To assist the authorities in the maintenance of peace, security and the well-being of all residents in the Glenvista and New South Areas;
  • To carry out or arrange the provision of all legal measures deemed feasible and necessary to reduce crime and establish and maintain relative security procedures in accordance with the needs and wishes of the residents in the area;
  • To work in close co-operation with the SAPS, CPF and any other body to achieve the objectives herein;
  • To assess the needs of the Glenvista and New South community and act thereon;
  • To promote strong community spirit, co-operation and awareness;
  • To suggest and promote improvements in policy and administration and to promote or oppose policy making or other regulations affecting GANSRA or any of its members or to contribute to the promotion or the opposing thereof;
  • To provide a platform for the exchange of information on local matters relevant to the residents of Glenvista and New South;
  • To watch over, promote and protect the interests of its members and to oppose any matter deemed detrimental thereto;
  • To represent the collective views of its members to related bodies, public authorities and other interested organizations or persons;
  • To keep itself informed of the affairs of the Johannesburg City Council and Metropolitan Municipality and other public bodies, especially on matters which affect property owners and/or residents in Glenvista and New South;
  • To instill in councilors and public officials an awareness of the wishes and needs of the residents of Glenvista and New South;
  • To protect, preserve and enhance the environment of the area in keeping with its present and open natural character, including all trees, flora and fauna which shall also include supporting the protection and maintenance of conservation, worthy buildings and other structures and natural resources and shall include all things which contribute to a sense of place; and further; to maintain the cultural and aesthetic integrity of the built environment; and
  • Propagate a positive change in attitude within the community.

To view a copy of GANSRA Constitution please Click here