The act above is referenced

As the personal contact information of any members of this group is readily available to all members of the group, the moderators and administrators have unanimously decided that the protection of this personal information is imperative and as such will be requiring all members with access to this personal information to agree to be bound by the the stipulations of the protection of personal information act 4 of 2013, including any and all amendments both current and future. The act in its entirety is available online from government at www.justice.gov.za.

Please familiarise yourself with the act and ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to safeguard the personal information of everyone on the group as you will be held liable for any personal information divulged by you either directly or indirectly.

Key points to note:

* Sharing, or using personal information (including but not limited to contact details) of members of the group for any purpose other than those which are expressly stipulated by the group administrators and/or moderators will be punishable under the act

* Use of personal information extends to, but is not limited to, using information for marketing purposes and using contact information to add members to other groups to which they have not expressly requested access

* Sharing of information that has not be expressly authorised by the person in question is punishable under the act.

Thank you for your cooperation.