GANSRA - Trading as Glenvista & New South Residents Association ("NPC") is a non-profit company founded by the residents of the suburb of Glenvista & New South concerned about the rapidly declining urban environment and increased criminal activity in the area and the impact this has on the substantial investments in property made by the residents in the area.

The objectives of the Glenvista & New South Residents Association, working closely with appointed security service providers, residents, local organisations and governmental spheres are to:

  • Assist the authorities in the maintenance of peace, security and the well-being of all residents in the Glenvista & New South Residents Association neighbourhood in order to create and promote strong community spirit, co-operation and awareness;
  • Facilitate communication about developments, incidents and interaction between service providers and residents and assess the needs of the Glenvista & New South Residents Association community and act thereon;
  • To carry out or arrange the provision of all legal measures deemed feasible and necessary to reduce crime and establish and maintain relative security procedures in accordance with the needs and wishes of the residents in the area.

Our local authorities have the responsibility to provide basic services such as security, electricity, water and sewerage, as well as road maintenance, traffic lights and garbage collection. More and more we are finding our local authorities have neither the budget nor the staff to address these issues adequately. Without the proper attention to these matters, a once sought-after residential suburb can become a less desirable place in which to live. Property values can decrease, unwanted developments can proliferate and ordinary day-to-day life can become chaotic for those who live in the area.

One of the solutions to prevent the downward spiral before it starts is for the local residents, Glenvista & New South Residents Association, with the contributions and support of its members to become involved and assist with management of the suburb.

To achieve and sustain this we need all our residents to join in and help us and we appeal to all who live in and enjoy our suburb, to contribute and keep our investment what is should be and our families in a safe environment.

We all have a constitutional right to protect and keep ourselves safe.


  1.  To prevent crime by improving security, increasing vigilance, creating and maintaining a caring community and reducing opportunities for crime by increasing crime prevention awareness;
  2. To assist the police in detecting crime by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activity;
  3. To reduce fear of crime by providing accurate information about risks and by promoting a sense of security and a community spirit;
  4. To improve police/community liaison by providing effective communications through Glenvista & New South Residents Association messaging systems which warn residents of local crime trends, and by members informing the police of incidents when they occur;
  5. To aesthetically enhance the Glenvista & New South Residents Association area;
  6. To create “security village” within the Glenvista & New South Residents Association area.

ACTION PLAN We aim to achieve our objections as follows:

  1. CAT;  Community Awareness Training; aimed at domestic workers in the Glenvista & New South Residents Association area; equipping them with necessary skills and knowledge to help in crime prevention. Our aim is to get all residents within the Glenvista & New South Residents Association area to register their domestic workers with CAT; by equipping them better to assist in crime prevention through attending monthly training sessions;
  2. Facilitate the establishment of a satellite Police Station within the Glenvista & New South Residents Association area;
  3. Dedicated D+D Security patrol vehicle in the Glenvista & New South Residents Association area. Goal to have 2nd vehicle patrolling in the area;
  4. Enclosing the greater Glenvista & New South Residents Association area - access control / security / booms;
  5. Install speed bumps on certain roads;
  6. Beautifying our area, ensuring all pavements are attended to, trees planted, open areas are maintained, painting street names and numbers etc;
  7. Communication to our members on any relevant information and social events.

PLEASE NOTE: The Glenvista & New South Residents Association is a community initiative, which is supported by the police, not run by them, so success will depend on what residents make of it. In order to achieve our objectives; we need all residents to join the GLENVISTA & NEW SOUTH RESIDENT ASSOCIATION.