We the residents of Bassonia, Glenvista and Mulbarton hereby petition the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality (Development Planning) as well as the developer and demand that the proposed development proposed to be undertaken, namely Residential and educational development on Erven 1793 & 1794, Glenvista Extension 3, Johannesburg and any other development proposed to be erected thereat be stopped due to the reasons set out in the letter of objection annexed hereto as annexure "A". Failure to act on this petition within 30 days of it being submitted may result in an interdict being sought against the developer and the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality for an order interdicting the further development until such time as a full environmental assessment, environmental impact, traffic impact and procedure followed for the approval of the development has been undertaken.

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“Dear Residents,

We have been given notice of an Environmental Basic Assessment application and process at Erven 1793 & 1794, Glenvista Extension 3, Cnr of Bellairs Drive and Hantamberg Street, Glenvista, Johannesburg as per the details below / attached.


In order for those residents that wish to object we have an objection form Petition Hantamberg Web Version which you can download and complete. The objection sheets need to be returned to Councilor Sarah Wissler by 30th of September 2016, they need to be the original signed documents. Please drop off your objection forms at the New South Vet Reception clearly marked for the attention of Councilor Sarah Wissler (Objections). Ideally if you could send a notification to Sarah on e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that you have dropped off your form so we know that we can collect.

Many Thanks & Kind Regards

Yvonne van Dijk (GANSRA)


Dear Interested and Affected Parties,

The EAP (Environmental Assessment Practitioner) will be meeting with the developer, the specialists who did the ecological reports, the town planner and architect this week and next week.  The purpose of the meetings is to assess the results of the specialist studies and also the traffic impact assessment that was done and how it affects the development potential of the site.  That together with site restrictions such as flood lines, building lines, servitudes and services requirements, will be used to determine a site development footprint plan (potential development areas taking sensitivities and other restrictions into account) onto which two or three alternative development proposals will be planned/designed. That may take another two or three weeks.  The results of everything including proposed development alternatives as well as comments from interested parties and responses thereto will be included in a draft Basic Assessment Report that will be made available for comment to interested and affected parties by the end of October 2016.

In other words, there is no finalised  layout proposal yet.  The exact residential typology and target market is also still under consideration.

At this point, a private combined primary and high school catering for ± 1700 to 2000 students is also being considered as a possible (a long shot) alternative development for the site.  Before it can be decided on as a potential alternative, further feasibility work however needs to be done.

We will keep you informed of progress.  You are also welcome to make proposals or suggestions in respect to how you would like the site to be developed.