Empowering you for safety

Tip: Going out with your toddler/s? Take a cell photo before you leave. If they go missing it will help with the search.

Tip: When reporting a crime/accident/potential issue - Report on specific Street/Suburb/Land Mark. Be specific with details, i.e, Vehicle Type(s), Colour, and if possible Registration Number(s). With Suspicious Persons, ethnicity, clothing and physical attributes. Remember to report on direction - if applicable, and especially time of incident - and contact number should it be required, as well as if medical/police presence is needed. Include as much relevant detail as possible.

Tip: Set up a code word with family, friends and employer so that if you are in trouble you can speed dial anyone of them and shout the code word over and over. They will know they need to get help to you ASAP. Use colour words like Red, Orange etc.

Tip: Don't leave boxes of new items bought on the pavement in full view for all to see. Criminals watch what's put out on dustbin day. If it is boxes, break them up and put into recycling.

Tip: Safety Tips at ATM's

  • Be alert and conscious of your surroundings when using the ATM.
  • Never give your card or PIN( Personal Identification Number) to anyone, for any reason.
  • Don't write your PIN on the card or anything that is kept with the card.
  • Do not insert your card until asked to do so by the display screen.
  • Never use an ATM with a blank screen and, if the ATM is obscured from view or poorly lit, leave immediately and find another ATM.
  • Stand close to the ATM and use your body and hand as shield to make sure nobody sees you keying in your pin.
  • Also, make sure you keep your hand over the card slot to make sure nobody can grab or take your card.
  • Never accept help from strangers when using an ATM. You should be wary of strangers asking for help.
  • Criminals work in teams- one to distract you while the other steals your card or money.
  • If your card is retained (swallowed) by the ATM it is advisable to phone your bank toll free stop card line immediately and stop your card.
  • Never allow a bystander to call the toll-free stop card line on your behalf- they could be tricking you into thinking your card has been stopped.
  • Guards are placed at ATMs to discourage criminal activities and therefore cannot help you with transactions.
  • If you need help, ask a bank official.
  • It is advisable to set a daily ATM withdrawal limit at your branch.

Tips: There is no waiting period to report a missing person to SAPS - Click here for more information