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Glenvista is a suburb in the south of Johannesburg. It has a distinctly cosmopolitan character. Glenvista is beautifully picturesque, peaceful and is surrounded by natural thorn bushes and veld. The area can be noted for its wildlife, which include meerkats and guinea fowl which still run wild. There are also various families of dassies in the area, continuously breeding and expanding, which live in the bushy and rocky surrounding veld. Varieties of owls have also been sighted in the area on many occasions. In extension 5, there is a 72 par golf course in the dip of a valley, 'The Glenvista Country Club'. The houses and properties can be large, and land value is high in the surrounding area. The neighbourhood is generally considered safe. It is situated close to 2 major shopping centres. The Glen and Mall of The South.

Klipriversberg Reserve

This beautiful nature reserve is a pleasant surprise for first time visitors and a delight for nature lovers. There are six hiking trails in the hilly 680ha reserve. Great for bird watching and has an impressive mammal species.

Rietvlei Zoo Farm

The Maboneng Precinct is one of the flagships of Johannesburg's urban renewal program. The gallery is free to the public and gives a unique glimpse into South Africa's contemporary art scene.

Thaba Trails

We are proud and excited to be building a bike park without comparison, right here in the South at 101 Klipriver Dr, Mulbarton. The 450 hectares offer a nature reserve in the middle of the bustling city.