Please note that as of Friday, 26 August 2016, the personal information of all members of this group will be protected under the PPI act (no 4 of 2013) to ensure that our privacy is protected. Membership of this list is bound by the stipulations of the act, continued participation in the group will be taken as acceptance of the terms set out in the act. Kindly remove yourself from the group should you not be willing to adhere to the conditions. Members will be given until Monday, 29 August 2016, to voice any concerns or disagreements and/or remove themselves from the group should you not agree to the terms.

Any members still participating after that date will be considered bound by the new conditions relating to PPI.

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All new members have one calendar week from joining to familiarise themselves with the rules and raise any issues / questions or remove themselves from the lists.

Welcome to all our new residents who have joined.


***Please note our lists close every evening at 10pm and re-open the following morning at 6am.
All emergency numbers can be found here,

• No Foul Language, Racism, Gender or Discrimination will be tolerated.

• No religious messages or posts are allowed. We need to respect the beliefs of all.

• No Bad Mouthing of ANY PERSONS or ADMINISTRATORS, (you can private message us if your are unhappy about a post and we will look into it).

• At NO TIME will BULLYING or INTIMIDATION tactics be allowed or tolerated.

• We will update on Crimes, Accidents, Power outages, BOLO, Municipality related issues.

• We also report on animal issues as they relate to our area.

• We report on matters that affect residents in our community.

• Please keep comments to emergencies only from 10pm till 6am in respect of list members.

• Potholes, power outages, water related issues and all municipality issues are to be reported by resident and reference number forwarded to us to escalate. We do not report issues on behalf of residents.

• We do not take the place of law enforcement. Please contact the SAP or your Security company directly first, then contact us to inform the community and raise awareness.

• A list of emergency numbers is available on our website – www.gansra.org

• Please do not send General Broadcasts unless you have checked that it is true and that it is not a Hoax or a very old post. (If you not sure rather send it to me PRIVATELY to check or check it on www.snopes.com / www.hoax-slayer.net

• We have Mondeor SAPS, Capital Air & D&D Tactical on our chat group for assistance.

• Please keep comments to a minimum as our lists are full and your comments get distributed to all of the people on the chat group.

• Strictly no personal advertising allowed. We may advertise events in the community. Advertising can be one on the Glenvista Trading FB page – http://bit.ly/2ak3isL

• We do not report road blocks or speed traps.

• Administrators will have the Right to Delete or Ban Users if they do not abide by our Terms and Conditions set here in.

• Administrators decisions are final. Administrators are: Yvonne, Marianne, Kim, Uzair, Lorraine, Adele, Inga, & Neil.

Founder: Cllr Sarah Wissler.

Let’s all work together to keep each other safe. Let’s fight crime not each other. Stay safe every one!!!

Please note: Marianne is on duty every night from 10pm till 6am every morning. As I am sleeping I might not hear a message come through and it therefore imperative that you first contact your security company and emergency services and then actually call us so that we wake up and respond.

**Please note though if the power goes off report it directly to 011 375 5555 and send me the reference number to the captain on duty who will report for escalation.**

**We can not do nothing without a reference number.**

Thanks all.