As has now become customary, every year GANSRA hosts and facilitates the event of the year in JHB South…YES, the Halloween trick or treat gathering for the resident children and adults in the Johannesburg South area is around the corner.

This year we are proud to host the 4th annual trick or treat and have absolute pleasure in inviting you as a neighbour, resident and hopefully soon to be member of our forum to this iconic event. To join in the festivities, we have invited children from local orphanages, safety homes, halfway houses and homes of underprivileged to participate and this is the opportunity for us as a collective society to show support of these local organizations. We need your support to make this year the best yet and to show the greater Gauteng society what the people of the South are truly capable of.

The event will enable children of all ages to be able to dress up in their favourite get-ups; be it super heroes, princesses, ghosts, ghouls or role models; and trick or treat at participating homes within the area demarked for this purpose. To add to the exhilaration, independent judges will be handing out valuable prizes for the best dressed in varying age categories, and for the first time in the history of this event, best dressed house.

We are excited to announce that for the safety of all participants and you, as a valuable member of our community, there will be total road closures with full support and presence from our local ward councillor Sarah Wissler, SAPS, JMPD, ER24, D&D, SOS and Capital Air Reaction Services not to mention a dedicated fire truck upon which children will be welcome climb, from approximately 15:00 to 20:00 on 28 October 2017.

To further the interests of the community and to raise funds for local projects within your community we will be selling boerewors rolls, cold-drinks, candyfloss, popcorn and ice-cream. In addition, a helicopter trip departing from Gold Reef City and cruising over Johannesburg will also be raffled, courtesy of Capital Air, with the proceeds going towards a Christmas function at TLC Children’s Home. If this is not enough, there will be face painting, jumping castles, big screen movies and a dedicated Halloween shop. All residents are welcome and encouraged to participate by joining us on the streets, grabbing a bite to eat and supporting our exhibitors, sponsors and most importantly one another.

We urge you to invite friends and family who do not live in our area, to join us and most importantly you in the festivities. Ample parking will be available at the corner of Bellairs and Allen Road (next to Dr van der Merwe's rooms). Below is a map showing the closed off area will be (which is highlighted in red) and to check whether your property will be affected by the closure. Again, we wish to bring to your attention that there will be complete road closures, but that it is not our intention to disturb your weekend. Those who choose not to take part will be respected as children and fellow participants will only visit homes whose gates, houses or driveways have been decorated and/or have indicated their willingness to partake and not disturb those who have not. Enclosed in this pack please find pre-prepared resident passes that will allow you access (via the authorities at the road closures) and for your convenience, to gain access to the closed off-area. We respectfully ask that you drive carefully in the closed off area for the safety of all involved.

We appeal to you to become involved, become enthusiastic and become a member of our forum but most of all to come out and join us for what promises be a day of fun and excitement for all. For more information, additional passes, further assistance and/or let of know of your willingness to participate or to lend a helping hand please make contact with either Yvonne on 082 900 4141, Anne on 083 498 7091, Kim on 082 087 2520 or myself on 079 943 3201.

Should you wish to take part but are unable for any reason to buy sweets to hand out on the day or decorate your home we are more than willing and would be delighted to assist. In this regard please make contact with us on the numbers mentioned above.

On a final note some residents have expressed concern regarding Halloween and a conflict or possible divergence with or of their faith. This is not the intention of the event. This Halloween event serves as an excuse to allow our children, as a mini-community, to dress up; make friends and have fun as a neighbourhood unit whilst we all get to know each other to better the Johannesburg South kinship.

I, together with my dedicated GANSRA team, look forward to seeing you and your family at the community event of the year!

Yours in community spirit.

Sean Brown (Chairman)